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Citroen: low cost electric SUV to challenge Dacia Spring

Citroen: low cost electric SUV to challenge Dacia Spring-The Citroen brand that is part of the Stellantis group would be thinking of launching a low-cost compact electric SUV to challenge Dacia Spring.

Citroen would be preparing a small SUV for the Indian market offered with thermal and electric engines. Its battery-powered version could also be sold in Europe, such as the Dacia Spring, also derived from an Indian model.

Citroen: low cost electric SUV to challenge Dacia Spring

Citroen would be preparing a small low-cost electric SUV for Europe.

Being able to offer electric cars at an attractive price, excluding state aid, is still only a dream, at least in Europe. To make electric mobility more accessible, Citroen has preferred to develop a vehicle like the AMI, which is not considered a car, thus freeing itself from numerous homologation constraints.

However, Citroen may present a full-fledged low-cost electric car in the future. As we said earlier, it would be a model that would come from India and which will follow a model similar to that adopted by Renault with the Dacia Spring.

It would be a small SUV with the code name CC21, of which prototypes have already been seen on several occasions. It will be a model positioned in segment A and produced locally, whose presentation is expected in 2021.

The SUV would have a 30 or 40 kWh battery/

According to the specialized website ElectricVehicleWeb.in, this small SUV would be entitled to a 100% electric version, internally called eCC21, for an estimated price of 800,000 rupees (about 9,000 euros). It would be based on the CMP / eCMP platform, in a low-cost version and would make maximum use of locally produced parts.

According to L’Argus, the electric version could be offered with engines of about 50 and 80 hp for a 30 or 40 kWh battery. It would therefore have a more modest spec sheet than that of electric cars sold by PSA in Europe, such as the Peugeot e-208 and Citroën ë-C4 which have a 136hp engine and a 50kWh battery.

According to ElectricVehicleWeb.in, the European version of Citroen's low-cost electric SUV would not be assembled in India, but would retain most of the locally produced parts. Its price would inevitably be revised upwards and some changes should be expected to meet European norms and standards.